Lunchtime Woes

Why is it, when I make a few unhealthy food choices that they become easier and easier to make?  Instead of bucking up, grabbing the bull by the horns and eating a nice healthy apple as I should, I’m sitting here chomping away on a Snickers bar feeling simultaneously great and gross?

Who am I kidding? I know EXACTLY why…it tastes awesome.  Unfortunately, as with most terrible-for-you food lately I end up with a cement mixer in my stomach hours later.

My lunch option was one of necessity, economy, and laziness.  A frozen Crustini, I found in the bottom of my freezer last night, I had bought a couple of these “instant” meals a few months ago when they were on sale for $2 a piece (now I know why).  Yesterday I cobbled together the last two pieces of bread for my healthy sandwich, and with kid commitments etc. I didn’t make it to the market last night to pick up more.  That meant a lunch out ($$$) or the frozen wrap-looking things that was about to expire in the bottom of my freezer ($).  Unbeknowest to me, said frozen wrap-looking things were 300 calories of gooey cheese…each…and I had two.  By the time that bit of information reached my brain, my stomach was already struggling to break down the greasy, poorly cooked mess.

I’m currently training for a marathon, and this leaves me considering a snack 23 1/2hrs out of every day.  I’m hungry, and when quick calories are needed, often it’s the junk that feels oh-so-good sliding down your gullet.  Crappy lunch leads to crappy snack which leads to the cement mixer again.

I’d say  my lesson was learned, but something tell me that this is a lesson I will be taught over and over and over again….ad nauseam


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