Soooo Tired….

I tried to squeeze my taper-LSD into ridiculously busy weekend schedule last weekend.  It should’ve been easy considering it was supposed to be much less distance than my regular LSDs, but I was still going to have to get up at 6am (which isn’t a big deal for some of you, but a morning person I am not) which made it a bit of a PITA.  I got my gear out the night before, and even went to bed early to make the next morning as smooth as possible.  Everything was perfect, everything was planned and ready to go…that was until my youngest child decided that 10:30pm -2:30am was the perfect time to get up and party. When the alarm went off the next morning, it wasn’t “snoozed”, it was quickly turned “off”.

It’s been almost a week since I ran last, not by design mind you but life just has a way of changing your best laid plans whenever it feels like it. Whether kids, family commitments, or opportunely placed bouts of rain it’ll find a way to show you who’s boss. Regardless, I brought my gear to work yesterday, and snuck out for an easy 5km on the Bruce Trail just to shake the cobwebs off. I took it easy in consideration of my taper, and really kept my eyes open on those damp/slippery rock outcroppings and tree roots. The run felt great, and it looks like I beat another bout of rain so it was timely as well.

On top of my lack of ability to run as of late, my busy schedule and continual late nights are leaving me constantly tired.  “Go to bed earlier” seems to be the easiest solution, however every time I try to do that, something ends up throwing a wrench in it for me.  Last night I tried to go to bed an hour early only to find myself laying there wide awake for 45 minutes, then just as I was starting to fade away my wife comes to bed ranting about how she left her wallet at the voting station this afternoon (I found it for her this morning), then to top it off the baby started crying at 3:45…and 4:30, and pretty much from 4:45 to 5:30.  I crawled back in to bed around 5:40 knowing full well that 6:00 was coming far too quickly.

So what’s the point of this post….nothing really, more of a woe-is-me rant than a philosophical breakthrough.

Hope you all are faring better.


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