Taper Troubles

As of this post we are a little over 9 days and 18ish hours out from race time.  A week and a half until I find out if my summer of semi-sporadic, occasionally-injured, sometimes-promising training was effective or not. I’ve managed to develop some more speed/strength since my first marathon, but as many of you know, the real race begins at 30km so those last 12.2km could be hell in a hand basket if I’m not careful.  It will be interesting to see if the tempo runs, track workouts, and weight sessions have had any significant merit past the 30km mark for me, or if everything falls off the rails like it did in Ottawa this spring.  Realistically, even if I control my race-day jitters and go out slowly, fuel properly, hydrate well, and manage my efforts effectively there’s nothing guaranteeing that I will make my sub-4hr goal.  Sure all the training I’ve put in has set me up with a decent chance at achieving it, but I’m still going a bit squirrelly thinking about the possibilities. In other news, today is the first day in nearly two weeks that I haven’t been nodding off at my desk…a LOT.

asleep at the wheel

It was getting to a point where I was beginning to wonder if I was narcoleptic, but after a few changes my body seems to be responding.  I’ve been making an effort to get more sleep as of late, and even though my kids still wake me up at night, I think I’m catching back up on the deficit.  Also, the decline of activity that the taper brings can only be helping; I was pushing a lot of my workouts pretty hard, and my body needed the break.  My hope is that I haven’t tapered too much by race day, and my body decides to co-operate. Only time will tell…9 more days of uneasy waiting…9 more days.


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