Race Day Approacheth!

Last year at this time, I signed up for the Road2Hope 1/2 marathon.  I had be running for fun a bit, but never anything too long or too fast, in fact I rarely ever took a watch and only measured my distance after the fact (using Google Earth) out of curiosity.  Did I mention that I signed up 3 weeks before the race, so I only put in three medium-long training runs before hand?  The longest was about 14.5km and I was dying from the effort, but still I soldiered on and took to the line on race day.  Needless to say, my race didn’t go according to plan…wait…what plan? I didn’t know WHAT I was doing!  According to official time my race was pretty good (significantly under 2hrs), but deep down I knew I didn’t race well.

I crashed into the wall at the 17km mark, I could barely walk down stairs for the next 2-3 days, I tried an energy gel for the first time on the course which sent me running for the washroom for the rest of the afternoon, but worst of all….I got away with it.  All I ever have to tell anyone is my time and the fact I did it pretty much “training free”, but deep down I know I could have done better.

So in 1 day 17 hours and 22 minutes, I’ll get my chance for redemption.  I’ll be lining up at my 2nd marathon this year…actually my 2nd marathon overall.  When I started this distance running thing, I promised myself I’d do 3 marathons then re-evaluate my goals and I still intend do do that, but at this point I’d be remiss if I didn’t say my confidence is shaky right now.  Why the trepidation?  I think it stems from the fact that I actually TRIED this time;  I did all (ok…MOST) the right things.  Training, hydration, fueling, weights, etc. and if the walls come crashing down it’ll hurt that much more.  At least the last time I did this race I was completely unprepared…this time I’m emotionally involved.

Most of this is pre-race nerves talking, I’ve done my homework, now it’s time to put the knowledge to the test.

See you next week folks.


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