Road2Hope – Distance Discrepency

After much online discussion about the signage/distance issues at the Road2Hope race last weekend, this statement was recently added to the race website:

We have had numerous emails in regards to the course length for both the Half and Full Marathon. Course length – The Marathon course has been certified and is accurate. However, during course set up the km markers on the Red Hill Valley Parkway were short by 400m, resulting in the last km being 400m further. To rectify the problem for next year, the marathon course will be recertified & each km clearly marked, we will also certify the Half Marathon course

Unfortunate, but these things do happen.  As much as race organizers try and create the best race/event possible quite often things go awry.  Even with all the logistical items taken care of, there are lots of items that are simply out of their ability to control.  For example: this year’s US Half Marathon in San Francisco had rain for the entire day (by some reports it was “torrential”) which caused not only waterlogged runners, but also submerged finish areas, mud, disorganized baggage drop etc.  What about the oppressive heat they had at Chicago this year?  Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.

It really is too bad that the discrepancy occurred, but for race where all the proceeds go to charity I find it personally difficult to hold a grudge for very long.  Mind you, I had a great race and I’m sure if I had missed my goal/BQ/etc. my memories of last Sunday would less glowing, but I’d like to think that as runners we have the ability to work through adversity and come out the other side stronger.

The distance issue has got me thinking about GPS data lately, so expect a post about it in a couple of days.



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