November “Rest Month”

November was a prolific month of non-activity, stress, and busyness.  After running an amazing race at the start of the month, I took a week off of running to rest my battered body.  Post-race euphoria aside, by the end of my marathon training program I was bored of my usual routes, exhausted all the time and stressing about race day…I needed some time to veg and that’s what I did.  I sat, watched a tonne of terrible TV, tried to clean my basement, and mostly just chilled out.  It was phenomenal, although after a week I was feeling a tad guilty about my excessive sloth behaviour.  The next week flew by with other commitments and the weekend brought on solo daddy-duty, so time was my main obstacle (it usually is).

The break continued as my schedule and the weather conspired to stave off another week of activity, and before I knew it I was at the hospital waiting nervously to go under the knife for a minor “procedure”.  It was a scheduled event but I still had those “what-if’s” going through my mind: “what if these new breast implants are as supple as my old ones?”, “What if the doc loses his watch, I think I’ve seen that on the web, and EVERYTHING on the internet is true so…”.   I tried to book it as close to race day as possible, knowing that I’d be banned from all activity for an additional 2 weeks leaving me at a total 4 weeks of couch surfing, binge drinking, and agitated irritability.

The original plan was to use November as a “heal-up” month, do some weight and cross-training work in December, and leave myself in excellent condition to start training for March’s 30km Around the Bay race.  However, it is now nearly halfway through December and I’m still slacking. Part of the issue is parental responsibilities/schedule (it’s always a busy time of year), but there’s something else going on.  I’ve been cleared to resume normal activities…but my motivation is toast.  I still have a list as long as your arm of things to do before next week, something’s got to give…and at this rate it’ll probably be my belt.

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s fatigue.  I’m not sure, but it’s time to get back on the horse.

So, what do you do to re-energize/re-motivate yourself after a break?


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