Hmmmm…2011 eh ?

“So…why the dramatic pause in posting there 51?”
“…well I assure you…(cough)…there is a fully justifiable, and adequately sufficient reason for it (cough) …unfortunately,  if I told you I’d have to beat you to death with a Christmas Tree stand and bury you under my backyard hockey rink.”
“Total BS eh?”
“Yep, I suck”

Well there you have it, I have no excuse for my lack of posting….sure I have a few REASONS for my time away from the web (Holiday adventures, kids, gift procurement, staff & personal gatherings, kids, sickness, etc….did I mention kids?), but in reality If I had tried I would have posted more…which surreptitiously leads me to the point of this post: No Excuses.

This time of year has people scrambling not only to list their “Highs & Lows of 2010”, but to set goals for the upcoming year.  Setting goals is never a bad thing, as I will be the first one to admit; without a plan I become a total wreck; look at the past two months for a decent example. Even when I COULD get back to taking care of myself, it was simply too inviting to continue eating and drinking ridiculous amounts, slowly trying to morph myself into a permanent part of the couch. As I read more and more blog posts across the web I considered what my own highs & lows were and what goals I was shooting for.  Let’s see…Highs: I ran my 1st two marathons, and ran my first 30k Lows:  I developed an ITB issue early in the year, then shin splints, and constantly fought to balance my personal responsibilities with my training responsibilities….both of which lead to a lot of “Rest Days”.  Despite a few specific goals I will get to in a later post, it seems that my over-arching goal for 2011 is simply: No Excuses.  I’m going to strive to keep with my training plan(s) regardless of how tired I am, or how much I’d rather be drinking too much beer and watching live music.

Does this mean running through an injury, or ignoring the needs of my family?  No, not at all.  What it means is when these things pop up, I will make every effort to find a suitable alternative that keeps everyone happy.  Morning runs instead of an evening run or even the dreaded treadmill, water running if an injury permits, etc.  It’s going to make my supposedly “busy life” this past fall look like a walk in the park, but I’ve set some pretty ambitious time goals for 2011, and without that extra effort I will be failing miserably.  Finding the appropriate balance between being a good dad/spouse/handyman/employee AND athlete is going the key to a successful 2011.

Time to make things happen!

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  1. I can relate in the same boat, keep the balance.

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