(nod….nod….looooong blink….twitch, twitch…..JERK….sheepish  look around for witnesses)

What is going on with me?

In the fall I was having issues staying awake throughout the day, but I attributed it to marathon training.  The beating your body takes begs for extra Z’s to allow your muscles to repair themselves, and I thought I simply wasn’t getting enough.  Unfortunately, post-race, and even in to the new year I’ve been suffering the same issues.  I’ve tried numerous approaches to fix it, but so far nothing’s worked.  So far I’ve tried:

  • Getting more sleep – If I go to bed any earlier, I won’t have time to get ANY workouts in, and if I get up earlier I’m only exaser…exasscer…making it worse.
  • Eating – That works for about 15min, so it’s either eat constantly or put a fork in my hand.  Plus it’s too easy to binge on sugary crap if I continue this trend.
  • Caffeine – Hello Caffeine my old friend, our busy day is at an end…As much as I hate to admit it, there comes a point in my day that I’ve had my fill of coffee, and now I’ve become one of those folks who can fall asleep with a coffee in their hand.  To be honest, I’m scared of drowning in my cup if I nod off at the wrong time.
  • Walking around – It helps, but when you are getting up every 10 minutes, it starts to draw attention.
  • Music – Even with heavy metal blaring it’s nighty night, I think it has to do with shutting out atmospheric noises.

The next tactic in the queue is to try a few secret 5-10min. micro-naps.  If they work, I’ll pass it by my boss, and when he fires me I’ll have lots of time to nap.

The leading theory as to the cause of my issue is not the amount of sleep I’m getting, it’s the quality.  I don’t sleep very well.  In fact, I flip constantly until 1:30-2ish then finally settle down as the night progresses, and get my best/deep REM sleep from 6-10am….which makes being a functioning member of the 9-5 crowd, not to mention a participating parent, difficult.

I’ll let you know how things progress, I’m off to attempt a nap before my run.



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