Speed Bumps

It’s funny that Luau decided to write a blog post about dropping the ball on New Years Resolutions, just as I was prepping to write my own.  The difference being that I actually dropped the ball on my own.  Badly.  So what happened?

I missed my Friday night run in favour of an evening of rock climbing and beer, and Saturday’s run never materialized either as friends of ours called, and an impromptu dinner party was planned and executed.  As much as I’d like to consider myself a nighthawk, midnight (post-hottub) is no time to pound out a 45 minute run.  I did however get up early(ish) Sunday and get my long run in, just before having to rush my kid off to his sports activity where I help coach, but in the ideal of my goal for 2011 of “No Excuses”,  I can only admit there is no excuse for my current lapse.  Ground breaking realization right eh?

So what does this have to do with Luau’s post?  Every time I set a goal or try to improve myself I usually hit a speed bump within the first week(s).  A speed-wobble if you will.  A what?…bear with me…I have a pretty significant self-destructive streak.  It’s manageable, but every time I get moving on a task/goal/avenue for self-improvement it kicks in and I end up royally screwing -the-pooch for a while.  It’s like the little devil who sits on my shoulder just has to remind me that he’s still there, while the Angel opposite him can only sit, watch and wait.  As in the case with this weekend I skipped my runs to play, drink, hangout with my kids, visit, and eat too much.  Nothing earth-shattering, but significantly outside the established “plan”.

So where does that leave me?  Back on track.  I knew it was coming, and I know what it is, so I should know enough just to get back on program and keep moving forward.  No guilt, no ill-will, just the self-satisfied knowledge that I blew off some stream and I’m ready to hit the road again.  I’m sure it’ll happen again, but with enough practice hopefully I’ll be able to minimize the damage they can do.


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