Quick Post – Why You Got Fat

After reading the caloric/nutrient breakdown found on the back of a package of yummy, yummy Nan bread my wife bought, I nearly pooped myself.  What I found was that each piece Nan was 240 calories….for half of one.  The front of the package proudly proclaimed “Great for Panini’s!” with a picture of a mouth watering sandwich, lovingly splayed on a clean white plate, just begging to be eaten.  I realized that with the right ingredients, that beautiful piece of lunchtime goodness (I have a bit of a sammich-lust-thing going on) could contain HALF of your recommended daily calorie intake.  Sure, it’d taste like heaven, but chances are that most of the calories are not only way too concentrated but also of poor quality as well.

I would never call myself an expert on diet or “healthy foods”, but as I venture further into some reading I’m becoming more and more aware of just how poorly some people eat.  My family and I are all fairly active, and strive to remain so.  We eat a mostly balanced diet, with enough room for occasional sugary (or otherwise) treats.  Everything in moderation: exercise, good eating, even guilty pleasures once in a while.

With just a little education and effort, I think the general public could make some great strides in personal health, with just a few easy changes;  Be AWARE of what you are eating, look and COMPARE the ingredients/nutrients/calories of different foods, look for healthier alternatives  to some of the be worst staples in your diet, and of course increase your activity level…even walking counts, just get moving!  They don’t have to be huge lifestyle changes (they can be if you’d like), but a few small steps at a time can only help in the long run.

Anyway, despite my awkward rambling above, here’s a quick video I stole from the Nerd Fitness site on how you body converts food to fat and why.


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