Voices In My Head

I don’t feel like going out tonight
I’m tired, from last night’s run
Sure it’s not that cold out, but it’s still not going to be fun
It’s an “easy” one tonight, I can do this, no problem
Shit, it’s colder than I thought, I need an extra shirt
Back upstairs, do I want this one or this one, don’t want to be too hot
Okay, okay…enough procrastinating, I got everything on but my shoes
Where are my shoes?
Damn it’s cold out here,
Start my watch
Why do my knees hurt…and now my shins too? Crap
Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch…
Maybe it’s the shoes? Maybe I should rotate my Brooks back in and compare the feel
Suck it up princess; it’s only stiffness from last night’s speed work, you’ll be fine in a minute
I wonder if that speed work will actually make me faster for a full marathon or just shorter races?
Whoa! Where’s your turn signal asshole?
Watch for cars, watch for cars , watch for cars…
Getting too hot, maybe I shouldn’t have worn all these layers
Time to take the hat off? Think I’ll wait to see if there’s a breeze down at the lake shore
Body still hurts, I’m skipping the extra park loop tonight
Besides I can use it for Sunday’s long run, I wouldn’t want to get sick of it
Not many people out tonight…just enough to help in case I get stabbed, heh heh he…heh…hmmmm
No stars out, it’s very still down here
It’s nice down here tonight, wonder how the ice-fishermen are faring?
Look at the lights from the bridge across the bay, nice!
It’s so quiet here
So quiet
Nice night
Awesome, a group of kids is playing shinny out on the bay
I wonder how they can see the puck, it’s pretty dark over there?
Looks like a tonne of fun
Long slow uphill or steep short uphill?
Long slow, we’re taking it easy tonight remember?
Body’s feeling better now
Uphill, back into the city
The highway’s really loud here
Nice stop at the intersection buddy
Watch for black ice over there…no, we’re good
I’ll go by the park on my way home, see how the outdoor rink is doing
Wow, look at all the people out skating, good to see people outside enjoying the night.
Home time, getting tired
I could really go for a beer right now…no beer in the house, crap
Ooh that restaurant smells fantastic; I bet they have beer in there
Almost home, at least there’s chocolate milk there…it’ll have to do
Why don’t people shovel their sidewalks?
Look for cars, cross the street
Deep breath
Stop the watch
Open the door


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