F@ck You February

Ever had a bad patch of time where all you could do was grin and bear it? Simply endure, and wait for the ebb? Well for me that time is now. Don’t get me wrong, in the grand scheme my life really isn’t that bad. I know there are tonnes of people out there that have REAL problems, so just take this for what it is. A gripe, my gripe, put simply…I’m bitching. It’s only half way through the month and already feel like I’ve been walked on, kicked while I’m down, had my junk treated to a nice stiletto tap dance.

Crapruary started with a lovely but persistent stomach bug which left me constantly feeling like I was going to puke, or starving, or both. If I ate I felt terrible, but not starving and terrible so…awesome. As I was pulling out of that, my wife came down with it which created extra stress with the family, house, helping her out, etc.

In other news, all of the above started on my birthday. Woo Hoo! The one day a year you are supposed to be to do anything you want, and I got to feel like crap. To top it all off my wife left me alone with the kids for a couple of days while she was out of town for work. Single parenting is stressful (I don’t know how people do it everyday 24-7) regardless of constantly feeling terrible on top of it. Anyway, as one of my gifts this year, my wife bought us tickets to see the Banff Mountain Film Festival. A night out for the two of us, babysitter included…it’s been… FOREVER since we’ve had a night like that. In fact, (other than a few work Christmas parties) I couldn’t even tell you the last time we had a night out to ourselves, this was going to be great. As I should have expected though, once my wife started perking up out her own bout of the cursed stomach bug, the kids came down with it too. Our night out together ended up being me out on my own while she stayed home being the super-Mom she is.

Broken Foot?

Broken foot?

Finally, and most recently, I took a puck off the instep of my left foot this past week. I use hockey as a stress reliever, and cross training to compliment my running training so it’s been a constant in my life for the past few years. I love the game, and the social aspect of seeing the guys every week helps keep me balanced. When a puck hit me in the side of my 1st metatarsal and left me with shooting pain whenever I move my foot in certain direction it throws off my balance. Figuratively AND literally. Injuries are nothing new, but the timing and location of this one was really a kick in the junk. I had been planning to run a half marathon as part of my training session this spring but hadn’t signed up for it…until two days before the puck incident. The race is in 10 days, and at this rate it looks like I’ll simply be showing up to get my free shirt. Things were really starting to come together with my training. My paces were up, my conditioning felt good, but now I have trouble walking let alone pounding out sub 5 minute kilometers. To say I’m frustrated would be an understatement.

There have been a lot of little things that, had they happened independently, would have been no-big-deal (like nearly severing my thumb making stew), but they decided to gang up/arrive in waves. Additionally, there are some bigger items of a private nature that I won’t divulge on the interwebs but rest assured Murphy’s Law was in full effect.

I’m having my foot looked at on Tuesday, so until that time I really can’t schedule anything. My big concerns right now are the half marathon in a couple weeks (minor), the Around the Bay 30km (major), and my attempt at a 3:40-3:40 marathon in late May. Only time will tell at this point.

Let’s see if the last half of the month is any better or worse than the past 15 days?


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