Foot Update

DOH!Since I already had an appointment with my Osteopath/Athletic Therapist lined up tonight to get my lower back/hamstring jumped on I figured it would be an excellent opportunity get get an educated opinion on what was going on with my foot. Most people would have seen a Dr. by now and be trotting off to be shot at by radiation, but not this guy…this guy does things the hard way. Actually, I was kind of avoiding the whole situation and hoped a few days of rest would miraculously heal my foot. Sounds reasonable, right? In reality, Matt (the Osteopath) has been a friend of mine for years, let alone being the only person so far to being able to fix me up after things like this happen (which is more often than I’d like to admit), so I trusted his opinion. Plus he does a lot of the same activities as I do , so he has a pretty good idea of what I’m going through. After a lengthy, in-depth discussion and a bit of poking, prodding, bending he gave me some grim news:

“Probably broken, but only an X-Ray will tell you how badly”
“shit…How long does a broken foot bone take to heal?”
“Could be 2-4 weeks for a small hairline fracture, or up to 6-8 weeks for something worse. That’s why you’ll need the X-Ray” *

Overall, it means I’ll almost certainly be missing next weekend’s Grimsby Half Marathon, the Brass Monkey Virtual 5km this weekend, and a good chunk of (hopefully not the rest of) my Around the Bay 30km training. If it’s a decent break I’ll be out 4-6 weeks and ATB’s race date is 6 weeks away this Sunday. The only upside is that I’ve already been off it for a week and it’s feeling a bit better, plus with referrals/getting the X-Ray/having it read It’ll be another week as well.

I still can’t place much pressure on the ball of my foot, but you never do that much in running anyway so that’s a plus….

sigh….I need a beer.

*Paraphrased by 51FU for clarity

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