Off Topic Rant…Driving with Douchebags

Maybe it’s the time of year?  Maybe it’s the fact I haven’t been able to get out lately and I’m in a poor mood?  I’m not entirely sure…what I do know is that since the start of 2011 I have noticed more and more completely self-centered douchebag drivers on the road.  Perhaps it’s a “goodwill towards men” hangover from the holidays, or just the February blahs?  What I’ve seen is people repeatedly driving like complete a-holes for no apparent reason.  Not signaling, tailgating, speeding, cruising slowly in the passing lane…I even saw a dumptruck run a red light in front of a police car!  A few everyday and it starts to accumulate after a while, for the most part I can ignore it but lately it’s been increasingly obvious to me.

What tipped the scale is the dillholes who refuse to brush the snow off their car before they drive away.  “Flip on the ol’ windshield wipers, we’ll be fine!” My neighbour is the worst for this.  He can’t be bothered to take 2 seconds of his “valuable” time to increase his own ability to see.  I don’t think I’ve seen him brush off a car yet this winter, can you guess whether he’s shoveled his sidewalk or not?

I could go on and on about how he’s endangering others and himself, or the fact that he’s a complete tool but I’m sure you get the idea.

Sorry for the rant everyone, had to vent, now back to your regularly scheduled program.

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