Grimsby Half Marathon & Other Disorganized Thoughts

Grimsby 1/2 Marathon Shirt

Grimsby 1/2 Marathon Shirt

Check out my awesome $55 dollar tech shirt from the Grimsby Half Marathon this past weekend!

Actually, I really like the shirt, the fit is good, nice material, and the graphics are decent.  For a small race I was pretty surprised at the quality of the schwag.  The medals were pretty hefty as well.  So what’s my issue?

Grimsby 1/2 Marathon Shirt Back

Grimsby 1/2 Marathon Shirt Back

I’m pissed off.  Pissed of that I couldn’t run this race.  Pissed off that after I finally got off my lazy ass and signed up for the race I got injured doing something completely un-running-related.  Pissed off that after 2 1/2 weeks I’m still unable to train in earnest.  Pissed off that despite my intent to cross-train while being on the injury train, I simply didn’t.

Back to the topic at hand, the Grimsby Half is a great race value.  For $55 you get great schwag, a decent course, and fun race.  Bang for your buck.  Races, such as Burlington’s Chilly Half Marathon (which runs this weekend) is $75-$85 (depending on signup date) for an out and back along Lakeshore Road.  I realize I’m cheap, but I do appreciate value when I see it and I simply can’t see myself shelling out $85 for this race.  Hmmmmm…I DO have to put in a long run this weekend, maybe I should bandit the race and see few friends who are racing.  What’s your opinion on running a race you haven’t paid for?

Enough bitching, tonight starts the next chapter.  Yes, I’m coming off the couch to pound out some speedwork with my regular Tuesday night partner!  In reality, my partner will be tearing it up, hitting her target paces while I take things super easy, plod along and heckle her as she blows by.  Should be fun!


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  1. RunningCanuck

    I guess for me I am opposed to “bandits” overall. It clogs the course, can be a liability, and some people even hit up the aid stations. Although I am opposed, I think the underlying theme here is over-priced races. I have a friend that want to run the Chilly with me but I turned him down as I am in the middle of a bunch of races and it all adds up. If it was 50 or 60 bucks I would have done it, but $85!? This is getting out of control. $85 is an ok price for a full, but a half!? I don’t think I will ever run the Chilly simply because of this fact.

  2. Thanks for the feedback RC. I didn’t end up running it, although that decision was mostly made by external situations.

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