Get Back to Work Maggot!

I need to be very careful at this time of year. April through June are very busy months in our house, each one busier than the last, which makes following a training plan very difficult. It’s bad enough that I miss about 25% of my workouts due to life commitments, and that my marathon is smack dab in the middle of that busy time, but this year I’m not following a written/defined/set-in-stone training program so blowing off workouts for “other” reasons gets easier and easier.

In addition to these road blocks, I don’t want to fall into the same pitfall as last year when I was prepping for my first marathon (ironically the same one I’m doing this year). In 2010 I decided to run a spring marathon and Ottawa fit the bill nicely. I ran the Around the Bay 30km in March (as I did this year), and was putting in as many of my workouts as possible. Unfortunately (I say that I lot on ITBhere don’t I?), after a few injury setbacks I had to sit out some of my runs but I made SURE to get in my long runs. The pain of shin splints and (unbeknownst to me) ITB flaring up prevented me from my weekday runs in, but the fear of the race pushed me to go long. In essence I was putting in 30+km (20 milers) with little other activity…..a recipe for disaster. In fact that’s why I’m doing the Ottawa Marathon again this year, it’s a redemption run. I need to be able to do this run in a decent time, without bonking horribly and having my IT band lock up at the 36km mark.

So far since the Bay run 2 ½ weeks ago, my training has been pretty good. My long runs are coming along nicely, I’ve been continuing with the speedwork I was doing pre-injury, but I’m starting to miss those mid week runs (small recovery runs, mid distance, etc.) and visions of last years collapse are flashing through my head. Last week was especially bad, as our schedules were so packed that my wife was quadruple booked on Monday night, add in poor weather and a few “other” issues and maintaining a decent amount of mileage becomes difficult.

On that note, I’m doing speed work again tonight and trying to break in some newer shoes (which I have a post coming shortly on). Hopefully it’ll be a productive night.

Have a good one kids!

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