More Injury Woes…I need to work on my titles…

I’ve been promising and procrastinating posting some “real” content on here as of late for several reasons.  Some of which are legitimate; my work and personal life have been extremely busy as of late which means the amount of time I have to write is limited, and some reasons are pretty lame; I’ve hurt myself again and I don’t have a tonne of material to post right now (although I do have a handful of draft posts hanging around waiting to be put up…and please disregard my last attempt, if you were unfortunate enough to have tried to read it I sincerely apologize).  Regardless, I’m posting now and in my typical obsessive personality driven manner it’s going to cover a LOT of things so buckle up…or something…whatever…sigh..

First off, Record Store Day was a resounding success in my books.  The rain, while a major deterrent for some, didn’t hamper this camper, my slightly broken umbrella and I weathered the wet and I managed to score some great discs….yes discs, I still use CDs.  Even though RSD is mainly aimed at the vinyl hoarding Urban Hipster crowd, I managed to pick up some good stuff.  Sure, I didn’t get to indulge in some of the RSD special releases, but really don’t have the desire to change music formats AGAIN.  I’m already maintaining a decent CD collection which I can use in my cars, and a digital collection for portable uses, there’s not a lot of pluses to me adding vinyl into the mix.  Despite the derisive sideways glances from a gaggle of douchebags, my odd collection of new music and I came home contented.

In other news my marathon training has been coming along nicely, with last week’s speedwork session being a major plus for me.  Danni and I cracked out 7km of intervals at excessively speedy paces, and beat out the impending rain, so to say I was feeling good about things was an understatement.  Unfortunately, and fairly typically, something was looming around the corner waiting for me to drop my guard.  On my next couple runs I noticed a familiar pain first in one shin, then the other…it reeked of shin splints.  Last year at this time (while I was prepping for the same marathon ironically), I had a significant bought of shin splints in both shins and regardless of my attempts to fix them, time off seemed to be the only thing that really helped.  Rehashing this nugget from my memories I decided to take a few days off and chill out over the Easter weekend (which was a huge bummer because Saturday was PERFECT for a long run).  Sticking to the plan I decided to take my son for a bike ride Easter Monday, “no impact on my legs and I still get a workout in this should be perfect”… a perfect way to injure myself again totally unrelated to running.  About halfway through the ride I felt a sharp piercing pain in the head of my right quad. Awesome.  As a result I took this entire week off and told myself unconvincingly “this will help the shins, so it’s a good thing”.  I played my last hockey game of the season last night and the knee felt great, although there is still some pain doing non-linear exercise so I’m going to get my long run in tomorrow while we have a short respite from the rain.  I’ve designed a loop that should allow me a few “escape hatches” should the knee act up, but according to the plan tomorrow is supposed to be my first 30+km (20miler) of the season, so we’ll see how things go.

On that note, after using the McMillan Running Calculator recently it occurred to me that I’ve been running my long weekend runs too fast and it may be hampering my performance.  Since I’m usually in a rush to get back to the house to do one of the million things I have been putting off too long, I have been pushing the pace with the reasoning that by doing these runs at marathon pace I’ll be better prepared for race day.  In reality it may be the explanation for my shin and nagging knee pain…I’m SMRT like that.  With that in mind, this weekend’s run will be a good test to see if I can keep the pace at a reasonable level…which is totally counter to my excessive/self-destructive nature.  If I didn’t hurt myself repeatedly WHAT would I write about?

Gotta run kids, there’s work to be done….there’s ALWAYS work to be done….sigh

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