Race Playlist!!

Just call me DJ 51FU because below I’ve laid out my race playlist for Sunday. I know there are those purists out there that spit blood and vitriol at the mere suggestion of listening to music during a race.  I get it…really…I do, but I have a sneaking suspicion that portable MP3 players are here to stay for the foreseeable future so deal with it.  One of the big attractions for me when I started doing this running thing, was the ability to listen to all the great music my friends and I were exchanging at the time while still getting some exercise;  it’s a habit that’s stuck.  Sure, I’ve done lots of naked runs (no, not in a fun way) but ultimately I miss my tunes…besides, it keeps the voices quiet, and that’s a VERY good thing.

When making my first few race playlists I stacked them with full-throttle metal, guns-blazing punk, and pounding rock, but as with anything experience helps refine one’s skill. I found that after a while all that amped up music just seemed to blend together, it became muddy and convoluted and it took a summer of my MP3 player bouncing from Jefferson Airplane to Metallica to show me that perhaps variety WAS the spice of life? The list below runs the gamut from acoustic guitar folk to heavy guitar songs, and in my last marathon really helped keep me moving forward…physically and emotionally.

In the first section are single songs in no specific order, although I’m pretty sure my player will spew them out alphabetically. The second part of the list are full albums I’m using as contingency songs, something to fall back on should I need to change things up. If I have time tonight I’ll post up some additional details about some of the music. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section.

Any Sense of Time – The Inbreds
The Ghost of a Thousand – Bright Lights
The Ganjas – Sonic Redemption
Follow That Bird! – The Ghosts That Wake You
The Ferocious Few – Kathleen
The Blind Shake – Wise Mr. Owl
Black Eyed Dog – Honeysuckle Gal
Bad Sports – And It Goes
Timber Timbre – Demon Host
Darlings of Chelsea – I Want Your Love
Diagonals – Neil Diamond Blues
Joe Pug – Hymn 101
Harlem – Witchgreens
Lady Dottie and The Diamonds – I Ain’t Mad at Ya
The Law – Don’t Stop Believe
Mount Carmel – Still Listening
T Bird and the Breaks – JuJu Baby
Thee Vicars – Feel so good
Throttlerod – Buffalo
The Wailin’ Yeahs – I Caught Her
Yokozuna MX – slam y minifaldas
The Yardbirds – Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
The Rolling Stones – We Love You
The Black Keys –  Sinister Kid
The Black Keys – Black Mud
The Stooges – Dead Rock Star
Crystal Stilts – Departure
Sloan – Emergency 911

Priestess – Prior to the Fire
Rusty – Fluke
Motorhead – Killed by Death (song) & the full Motorizer album….I couldn’t leave out ALL the metal now could I?

Like it? Let me know.


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