It Never Fails

It never fails, whenever I sign up for a race I end up getting hurt, and yesterday I signed up for 3 races.  When I signed up for the Run for the Toad 50km, I was hit by a puck at hockey, when I signed up for the Ottawa Marathon I had a vasectomy….er…wait….

Yesterday at lunch I snuck out to Mount Nemo and did a Bruce Trail run in the gorgeous weather. The new shoes (NB MT101) were feeling great, and I was trying to focus and better my technique/footfalls in them. I made a point to stop at the Sister Morphine ledge and take in the view for a minute before continuing on my way.

Ankle SprainAs I re-entered the forest, I stepped on a root which, due to decay, crumbled and rolled on me. I immediately knew from the pop and the pain that followed that I’d sprained my right ankle, but I took the time to settle myself down and evaluate the situation before flipping my lid. Eventually, I could/did walk out on it, but every time I tested it withAnkle Sprain a little trot the pain returned. It feels alright when moving a forward/backward plane, but as soon as there is any rotation or lateral movement the pain returns. The swelling wasn’t major, but it has doubled in size since yesterday.  Icing it last night helped, but seeing it still huge today tell me that I’ll be out of commission for a week…or two…to say I’m pissed would be an understatement.

Lots of icing, and lots, of rest…and hopefully my body will get back on track.


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