Ankle & Race Schedule Update

It’s coming up to 2 full weeks since I injured my ankle, and I’m getting the itch to get running again. At the moment it happened I instantly flashed back to 2004 when I sprained both ankles 6 weeks apart from each other. I still shudder each time remember that sickening pop as my foot went one way and my leg the other…creepy…sorry…where was I?…anyway, for both of those instances I was out of action close to 6 weeks and as I hobbled out of the forest this time I feared that my summer race schedule was about to be shot to hell.

A fortnight later, and I’m kind of in limbo, “should I run on it….or should I leave it to rest/heal a little longer?” I’ve been testing the ankle every so often, looking for progress, judging just how much swelling is acceptable and how much is cause for paranoia. As it stands, I do still have pain (to the touch) around the medial malleolus …you know, that big bony lump on the outside of your ankle…the one that’s the size of a baseball in my injury post pic? Ya, that part. Despite the pain, I think I’m good to go again, although it’ll be another few weeks before I brave the trails again…unless I roll it again…(shudder)

As mentioned above, I’ve signed up for a few races this summer which is primarily why I’m antsy to get back out training again. A solid summer of training would/should/could pave the way for a marathon PR in the fall, as well and keeping me out of trouble! To keep me motivated I’ve signed up for these three races, with hopefully more to follow:

31st Tim Hortons Peachbud 10k – l This race supports the Hospital that my speedwork partner works at. The race is 10 days away, so I really don’t think I’ll be “racing it”…more like “surviving” it.

Rattlesnake Point Trail Race –  After doing a full winter of road training, I’ve been geared up to get out on the trails. I’ve never done a trial race, but heard good things about the atmosphere, the races, and the racers. This one should be a blast, especially since this will be the first part of my “Kick-Ass Race Weekend”.

What is my “Kick-Ass Race Weekend”? Well, after racing the 12.5km version at Rattlesnake Point on Saturday, I’ll be waking up early on Sunday to hit up the Twenty Valley Half Marathon – Doing two races in one weekend might not be that impressive to some, but it’s going to be an awesome challenge, and a great way to ramp up my mileage going into August.

Moreover I’d just like to keep things fun and interesting, and I think this schedule will help…unless I get hurt again, but that shouldn’t happen unless I sign up for another race 😉

What are you doing this summer? Do you have any race suggestions?

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  1. I nearly rolled my ankle at the Disneyland half marathon last year and later at the Marathon Internacional San José in Costa Rica — with the latter, I came very close but somehow survived. It wasn’t until later in the car that I felt how stiff and painful it was. Thank you, adrenaline.

    Best of luck with the recovery though and during your epic weekend — I’ve never done back-to-back runs longer than 4 miles like that, so I respect and admire your ambition. One of these days I’ll try and do two halves back to back but it’ll take a lot of preparation.

    Good luck!

    • thanks Herrsolera (Dan), I rolled my ankle during my Marathon PR at the Road2Hope last November. I’ve always had loose ankles (i.e.- I can roll them with little effect) but this injury (and the two previous) were pretty severe. If you can feel that “pop”, you KNOW it’s goin to be a good one.

      BTW I really liked your Flying Pig Marathon challenge (the vs. post/theme) posts from Cincinnati


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