Back in Black

I took that fateful first step this past weekend and hit the roads again.  Even though I had planned on getting out Saturday, life interjected (as per usual) and by the time I was able to strap on the shoes it was 10 o’clock and I was cooked.  After spending the day staining my deck (I said DECK) in the scorching heat, finishing a few renovation projects, doing the parent thing (i.e. – falling asleep with my kids at bedtime) I was in no condition to brave the streets.  So I rested up…just one more day.

Sunday was Father’s Day, and though I had intentions to get up early and get my run out of the way, a rare sleep-in opportunity sounded way more inviting.  After a great brunch with the fam, and running a dozen errands in preparation for a family BBQ that afternoon, I put my gear on and headed out the door.  As I was strapping on my watch my oldest son looked up at me and asked “Daddy, will you play with me?”, how can you say No to that on Father’s Day? While contemplating my reply I noticed that he hadn’t put away his toys from earlier.  “Clean up your toys and I will play with you as soon as I get back, it’ll only be a half an hour” He started to object, but I had my out and I used it before he could manage much of guilt-laden assault.  Unfortunately, I lied to the lad (On Father’s Day for crying out loud!); 30 minutes and 47 seconds later I rolled in.  I had missed my goal by 47 seconds.  Part of being a good Dad (so I’m told) is setting a good example, so I apologized for being late, to which he looked confusedly at me and replied “what?”, he hadn’t even noticed.  Oh well, at least I tried.

Yesterday I was feeling Sunday’s run, my legs were getting more and more sore as the day progressed…I probably shouldn’t have pushed it as hard as I did on Sunday, but I probably shouldn’t do a lot of things I do.  Beer, I’m looking in YOUR direction.  That night, I was huffing and puffing with my regular mid-week partner as I quickly noticed how much my fitness had declined in 3 weeks…..uugghh….it sets in so fast.  What the Hell, didn’t I JUST finish a marathon?  After trudging home, and chugging 4 pints of water, I had to smile.  I’m back. 15km in 2days, and despite some aches and pains that I’m feeling right now I have a feeling that this should be a pretty good summer…as long I don’t sign up for any more races and get hurt by random flying objects….again.


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