TGIF – Weekend Runs!

It’s been a LOOOOONG week and I can’t wait to get out of here.  Not that I don’t’ love my job, but we’ve had a major project on the verge of launching recently and it’s continually being pushed back for various reasons.  It’s frustrating and draining, regardless I’ve got a few pretty cool things lined up this weekend.

First off, I’ll be hitting the trails tonight with Ned (formerly Narcoleptic Ned but now that he’s been re-diagnosed it’s just Ned…which isn’t nearly as much fun).  Ned and I ran the Around the Bay together (or at least the first 2/3rds when he dropped me at a water station…traitor) and have been trying to hook up for a run for months.  The run should be mostly 4-person wide cinder trail (converted rail line) with the option of some easier single track on the return portion.  I’m a tad paranoid about hitting the trails again, especially at night but it’ll be cool to try running with a headlamp.  Hopefully we can take it easy and just fun run it….although Ned doesn’t deal with moderation so well sooooo you may get another injury report to read (WIN:WIN!).

SYTO 5km Second, I’ve entered a Virtual 5km on Saturday.  WTH is a Virtual 5km?  It’s just what it sounds like, a bunch of interweb running dorks promise to run a 5km, time it and report back in via blog posts, twitter, etc. on how they did.  You dear reader, you will get the pleasure of reading my “virtual race” report from the Sweat Your Thorns Off 5km on Monday…ish.  Aren’t you lucky?  It’s run by The Boring Runner and you can check out the race post on his blog here.  Good times!  I’m not sure how I’m going to run this yet; i.e. 5km tempo, part of a longer run, while chugging a beer….what do you guys think?  Any ideas?

Third, we are having a street party!  All the folks on my street are getting together for a street sale, ball hockey game, BBQ, and general merriment. Unfortunately I’ll have to fit in my 5km somewhere, and as one of the party organizers it may be difficult to sneak out.  Still, it’ll be a great way to chill out and let somebody else take care of my kids.

Lastly, depending how I’m feeling (after too many pops, and a weekend of frenzied activity), I hope to get out and do a nice slow/easy 14-16km run Sunday morning…but we’ll see what happens.  Hangover run?

Have a great weekend kids, make it a memorable one!


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  1. Watch it on those trails the last thing you need is another injury. If it is the rail trail, use the headlight for sure. Was on the rail trail a few years ago and it can create problems.

    Sounds like a full fun weekend, have fun.

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