Sweat Your Thorns Off 5km – Race Report

Friday night’s run with Ned was awesome!  We caught up while cruising the rail trail, then after 5km detoured onto some fantastic Bruce Trail single track. Temps were perfect, and the past week’s rain & humidity hadn’t adversely affected the condition of the trail. At one point as we were heading back we ran through a swarm of fireflies, it was a surreal experience; I had never seen so many fireflies in one spot before.  They were literally everywhere, but as quick as we happened upon them they were gone.

The next morning arrived quickly, especially since it was our annual street party and with it a street sale.  I begrudgingly rolled out of bed, put on the coffee and lovingly placed our pile of crap out at the end of the driveway.  The next 4 hours were spent trying to unload a 1964 fridge, two sets of 15yr old rollerblades, a golf bag and 4 books (Why didn’t anyone want my Guinness Book of World Records 1991?).  In typical street sale fashion, I ended up picking up more crap than getting rid of.  I grabbed a new running hat (which I wore on my 5km race later in the day), two sets of kids ski boots, a bucket of lego, a kids hockey helmet, and a DVD (which I didn’t even pay for)…so much for clearing out some space in the basement.

As noon rolled around, we had our annual kid vs. parent road hockey game where the smack-talking kids got rocked by a bunch of us old broken-down geezers…heh heh heh.  As the afternoon rolled on the highlight reel goals were coming fast and furious, the beer flowed freely and by race time I was probably too many brews deep which made fantastic race prep (carb loading anyone?).  Post hockey game, and after fighting through the throng of people asking for interviews & autographs, I managed to sneak away form the festivities just long enough to get my 6km run in.


On leaden legs, I plodded uphill for my 1/2km warmup.  I wanted to have a good showing for all those strangers on the internet who I’d never actually met…virtual peer pressure…damn, who could have seen that coming?  Regardless, when I reached the “starting line” I pumped my chicken wings as fast as I could manage and chugged (no, this wasn’t a beer mile) my tipsy ass to the turn around point (This is where those 5 pre-race beers came into play).  About halfway through my return trip I got the bright idea that I’d take a picture or two of my progress and post it on here, so twice (TWICE!) I stopped and clicked away…then promptly forgot to download the pictures when I got home (Je suis un dumbass).   My finishing time for the 5km was 25:50.40 which averages out to 5:10/km (about 8min miles for you ‘Mericans).  I made sure to celebrate the great race with a bevie (or three) from the 1964 General Electric fridge I unloaded at the garage sale…and managed to negotiate “street party use” for the night into the deal as well (WIN!)…I rock!

Thanks to Adam, for a fun event, hopefully we can do it again next year.

As for Sunday, there was no running.  Just herding children and cleaning up from Sat. night’s party….and trying to stay awake.


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  1. OH man, HILARIOUS!! thanks so much for running – and drinking. You get an A for effort on the pictures.

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