Peachbud 10km – Race Recap

I was driving home Tuesday night watching the trees dip and bob as the wind raced across the fields, putting visions of Kansas in my head

…wait…wha?…no, not THAT Kansas,

<– this one:

In reality the wind didn’t have much of an affect on the race at all…I did hear a couple people mention it but they were wrong so it doesn’t matter.  If anything, the wind helped keep the heat and humidity at bay.

After a quick commute to Grimsby, we quickly grabbed our kit, stashed our bags and headed back out to watch the 5km racers take off…and subsequently finish (hot damn those runners are fast) before putting in a quick warmup.

The race itself was well run, small enough not to be crowded but big enough to have some decent swag, etc. especially for a local 10km on a Tuesday night.  The course rambled around Grimsby and was mainly run on residential roads, with a short foray into the downtown core.  Nothing too fancy, but it was a good mix of hills, flats and scenery.

So how did I do?  My finish time was a surprising 48:51!  As I outlined in my last post, I had no idea how to run this, and by the time we were half way through my fate was already set.  I tried to follow the plan and stick with 5:10kms, but the start was a tad crowded (the start mat was REALLY narrow and everyone bottlenecked badly right off the bat) which slowed us a bit, but also it took a while for the crowd to sort itself out on the other side.  Without too much extraneous effort I was booting along at 4:30-4:45/km (ooops), but I knew I’d blowup if I continued much longer.  Eventually, I managed to get the pace down to just under 5:00/km and rode out the majority of the race there.  The final 3km I managed gradually to increase my pace and hurled myself down the finishing chute feeling spent but good.

This was a race where I actually talked to complete strangers on course (creepy, I know).  It wasn’t much, but it was kind of fun to be able to joke around with people and not take the race too seriously.  Perhaps it was being ahead of pace, or just the fact I didn’t have a set goal/time to beat but I felt free to follow the plan and still be a bit goofy at the same time.  Even sprinting down the finisher’s chute I managed to motivate/cheer/taunt two people I passed into joining/sticking with me down the stretch.  I probably annoyed the hell out of them, but it worked…so screw ‘em if it bugged ‘em.  The one guy even beat me…remember how awesome I am?  That alone makes him awesomerer…errr…Peachbud10km

(Here I am heckling him)

Since I’ve never actually raced a 10km I got to set a PR (just to remind you all; I rock).  In other news, my speedwork partner, who bitched and complained that she wasn’t happy with her run, managed to win her age group which gave me license to make fun of her.  Good times all around!

Anyway,  have a great long weekend kids!


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  1. 🙂 congrats on the pr

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