Rattlesnake Point – 12.5ish km Enduro Course Race Report

One word description of this race: FUN

Two word description of this race: Damn Hot…just kidding…sort of…not really though…

To say I was a bit apprehensive about running this race would be a massive understatement.  I can do the distance in my sleep but deep down there was definitely some left over paranoia about re-injuring my right ankle, and my bruised left foot (did I mention that it’s crunchy when I run my finger over the impact point?), and the heat, and my pre-race hydration/nutrition, and tomorrow’s half marathon in Death Valley-esque conditions, and the fact I was running late, and my vagina hurt…..okay maybe not that last one.  Still, I was convinced that at any point on the trail I might burst into flames and immolate a few innocent volunteers (sorry).

All this pent-up anxiety manifested itself in a hundred different ways; I forgot to make coffee this morning and had to stop and get some or risk the pounding addiction headache, I forgot to get gas so I had to stop at a country gas station and pay a premium for it, I pooped 3 times before I left and almost pooped myself before the race started, grumbly stomach, and I continually adjusted and re-adjusted my shoes.

Regardless, everything went fine.  Despite cutting the time close (I hate being late), I was still an hour early…though that was mostly due to the asshats that decided to mess with the trail markers overnight.  The race organization/administration (parking/bib pickup etc.) was really quick and easy although that might be the nature of a smaller race.  The big thing that stuck out to me was the swag package.   A Clif Bar, Clif shot and a bag of Kickass Kickinghorse Coffee;  FINALLY a race package I can use!  I do use race shirts etc. provided at other races, but the luxury of not providing a medal or race shirt  means that organizers can keep the price down.  Win!  Good price and the great swag (have I mentioned how much I LOVE both the Clif and Kickinghorse brands?), awesome mix!

The race started in self-seeding waves which, for me, worked pretty well.  I was on the fence as to whether I should start at the back of the the 3rd wave or head of the 4th wave but after eyeballing the runners who lined up for wave 3 I decided (at the VERY last second) to jump in (yes, I judged people by their appearances, I also swim right after eating…deal with it).  It was the right choice.  I was still consciously trying to keep myself from going out too hard and ruining tomorrow’s run so I made sure to hang back quite a bit over the first 1/3 of the race.

Start/Finish Line

I really need a new cellphone for pics....

Overall I was really happy with how I ran this race.  I was really careful in the root and rock gardens, and although I let people gain a lot of ground on me the descents (ankle paranoia) I passed the majority of the people I was chasing on the uphills.  I power-hiked the big uphills, took it easy on the descents, and had great flow on the flats.  I’d do this race again in a second, and although it’s the most technical in the 5 Peaks SW Ontario race series, I’d recommend it to friends too.

Now…onto the Twenty Valley Half Marathon and hades-esque temperatures…woo?

Later kids, get out and enjoy the sunshine!


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