Twenty Valley Half Marathon Recap

My “Kickass Race Weekend” is in the books, and it definitely lived up to it’s name.  I.Am.Beat.  I haven’t been this sore and deep-down tired in a long, long time.  This past Sunday’s Twenty Valley Half Marathon put the final nail in the coffin, and started shoveling dirt on me.

As you may have guessed the two biggest factors in Sunday’s race were heat and fatigue.  Sunday’s forecast was predicting a scorcher, and it didn’t disappoint.  This was first race ever I have dumped water on myself at the water stations, but once I started doing it I couldn’t stop, it made the single biggest difference in my level of suffering.  Sponges were an added bonus,but there was nothing quite as refreshing as cold water dribbling down your neck back and ass crack…(oooops TMI)

The race itself was an interesting mix of rural roads and tractor paths through orchards/vineyards.  I’m sure the road purists were cursing the dust and uneven footing of the farms, but it was a unique experience that gave the race some personality.  It was something different from the usual fare, and tied in nicely with the wine themed weekend festivities.  Being familiar with the geography of the area I was convinced (hopeful?) the course would be a flat one, but much to my horror the hills arrived in spades.  To be honest, and as I heard from a few others, the hills were a nice addition and provided some interest to the course, but by 13km in my quads had simply had enough “fun” and were beginning to revolt.  At this point I started walking the uphills out of sheer self-preservation, disappointing to say the least but by the end of the race I was glad I did it.

In an interesting twist, I managed to finish 3rd in my age group (shiny bronze medal!), although there were only 5 of us to begin with… and the first place guy finished 40 minutes ahead of me, but it was a nice surprise anyway.

Overall, for both races this weekend, I finished in my usual spot in the groupings…Dead Center. Considering the purpose of this weekend was to test my endurance and train for my 50km race this fall (only 73 days away!!) I think I can feel good about how I did.  Now If I could get the temps to drop a few degrees I’d be all set!

Anyway, check out Sassy Girl’s race recap here, she’s even got some photos that I’m lurking in.  It’s like my very own Where’s Waldo!…It’s not creepy I swear.

Have a good one kids and stay hydrated!

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the race and heat as much as me!!! 🙂 I’m impressed that my husband managed to catch some photos with you in them as well. Too funny!

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