What, Me Worry?

We are now officially 18 days out from the Run for the Toad 50km trail race, and I haven’t run a step in nearly a month.  This might worry some, but not me…not in the slightest.


  • It’s not like I’ve run at all in the past month when (ideally) I should have been peaking my mileage and putting in back to back 20+km long runs.
  • It’s not like I’ve done a run over 20km in past 4 months, let alone a long trial run.
  • It’s not like I’ve ever run over 42.2km, so why not try it without much training, it’ll be easy!

What’s there to worry about?

In fact if I HAD done any of these things in preparation for my race I might have an idea of how much pain I’m going to be in, but ignorance is bliss, and this is one blissful cat.

In reality, I’m not worried about this race for a few very good reasons; as suggested by a friend on dailymile I’m simply going to try and change my race distance on race day.  Yes, I know the notice on the website explained there were no more race changes allowed but I can always hope that my charm and charisma will sneak me into the 25km race.  Seriously, how can they resist?  If the organizers stick to their guns then I have no choice but to sob uncontrollably and create a scene…or just run 25km and DNF (shudder) the 50km portion.  Regardless, I’m not putting a whole lot of stock in the outcome, instead I’m going out for the experience…and the race schwag, I paid for it after all.

Moving beyond the Toad, I have signed up for the Road 2 Hope ½ Marathon in early November.  Initially I had debated doing the full marathon again as the course is a fast one (flat, downhill, then flat again) and the temps are usually cool enough to make PRing a definite possibility, however after running 50km race 4 weeks before this one I had serious doubts if I’d be recovered in time to crush the R2H course.  The clincher was when while having a few wobbly pops with the neighbours, my former running partner thought it’d be funny to tell me he was going to run the ½ marathon with almost no training (I think we settled on 4 training runs before race day).  Special K (my neighbour) and I started running a couple of years ago to get back in to shape, then after a few weeks he disappeared and I was left running solo.  It’s going to be a lot of fun to hit the road again with him…and watch him suffer.  What’s for dinner? Mmmm…Schadenfreude, my favourite!

 The situation isn’t ideal but this is where I’m at…have a good one kids


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