Toad Report to Follow…sometime

What a week…Sorry for the radio silence kids, it’s been a busy week. No excuses though, I owe you a Run for the Toad race report.

I have 5 minutes to write this before heading out the door so I’ll keep it short. The race went both better and worse than planned. My pre-race fears were mostly just dust in the wind, and yet by the time I crossed the line at 25ish KM I was toast. 4 days later and my legs were still sore, but it was a satisfying fatigue…a reminder of what I can accomplish when push comes to shove; 25km of rolling hills on a 6 week running hiatus. To be honest I was really disappointed with myself during the race, but time allows you to review things after all the emotions have settled and I’m feeling ok about now.

Anyway, I’m leaving for a few days and will post an in-depth report when I get back, until then have a great weekend kids!


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