Progress Report – Week 1 – First 4 Days

So far so good I think, but this weekend will be a pretty decent indicator whether this plan is sustainable or not.  Saturday is absolutely jam-packed with obligations, although I might have found a small window in the afternoon to get in some activity…probably a run(possible)…or weights(also possible)…or both(not likely)…or my wife will have something for me to do (probably) instead.

Regardless, here’s how this week has sussed out so far:

*clicky for a closer look*

Have a great weekend kids!


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  1. I am loving your fitness plan I also laughed at “1 beer @ dans” followed by “beers at hockey” lol beerS …how many is that? lol

    Good work out. I haven’t played hockey in years but I played all through my childhood and /w the boys in college. I should add that to my winter mix

    • BeerS would be more than 1 and less than 24…it’s my weekly treat. Wings and beer for good behaviour 😉 Although over the weekend there were “beerS at the football game” too…

      Hockey’s a blast although I try and keep it at the “fun” level now, there’s no need to get stressed out over your hobbies.

      • lol…I haven’t drank beer in years, but I love me a good old gin and tonic or a nice glass (bottle) of red wine! lol nice workouts I need to get some kind of a weight set up at my house.

      • You can start a body weight routine at any time without any equipment needed. Pushups, body weight squats, lunges, planks, dips using the coffee table etc. All you need to do is start 😉

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