Progress Report – Week 1 – Full Week

As promised, here’s my progress report from the past week (full week this time):

Not too bad overall, but there are some areas that could use some improvement…but that’s what this whole process is about.  Continual Improvement.

Thoughts so far:


– 35km of running last week with a solid speed workout and a 11.6km trail run over the weekend. This is a plus, sure the mileage isn’t huge but with the added strength work and swimming/rock climbing/hockey I think it’s a good fit.  Enough to keep things at a good base, but not too much that I’m going ot burn out.
– It was my hope to get in at least 2 (or 3) days of strength training this past week but that didn’t happen. I took Friday as a much needed rest day instead. It’s not an excuse, but it was reality.
– I was happy about getting in a solid swimming workout, which I made a brick by sandwiching it with a short run before and after. Wed. are usually another strength night but the timing was right to hit the pool.  It felt great, glad I did it.


– Surprisingly, it was the water consumption that was hardest to maintain. I have a feeling it was displaced by my coffee consumption.  Increased fatigue from ramping up my overall training, and coaching two 7am hockey practices were catching up to me.  It’s something to keep an eye on in the future
– Not much fruit on the weekend. Gotta fix that too.


– 1 day of 7…and only 10 minutes at that…bad, bad news

 Last night I completed another weight/body-weight session to get this week off on a good note. I took it easy due to fatigue (I fell asleep on the floor for a half hour before putting the kidlets to bed), but still made use of my time when I finally got into it.

3 x 20 Pushups
3 x 10 Decline Pushups (feet up)
1 x 5 chinups
1 x 5 pullups
3 x 15 leg extensions
2 x 10 deadlifts
2 x 10 barbell rows

I usually do 3 sets of both Chinups & Pullups but by the end of the first set I knew there was no fuel in the tank for them. Surprisingly I added the Decline Pushups, and Barbell Rows this week without issue…but for some reason Chin/Pullups just weren’t happenin’ last night.

I’ll be keeping the weight down and reps high for the next two weeks because I’m pacing a friend in the Road2Hope Half Marathon ( more on this next post) at the start of Nov., and I’d hate to bail on my commitment due to soreness/poor performance/injury etc. Once that’s complete I’ll be adding weight to the barbell exercises much like the 5×5 Stronglifts program.

Some of you might be asking “why” the sudden shift in training focus?  I’ve run (somewhat) consistently for the past two years, and my times are getting better.  Why shift to weights/strength training?  The answer is pretty simple: If I want to get really fast, I need to be strong and healthy.  Over the past two years I’ve done some good things, but overall I wasn’t in the best shape I could have been.  Muscle imbalances from only doing one sport all the time were driving me crazy.  I could run a sub 4hr marathon but couldn’t do ONE one-legged squat.  Runners aren’t known to be great cross-trainers, but after the crappy racing year I’ve had, I decided now was as good a time as any to make a change.

Anyway, don’t fret running fans, there will be plenty more running posts coming but hopefully this new foray will add some much needed balance to my life.

Have a good one kids!


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