Progress Report – Week 2

My mileage was down this week, but the workouts were solid. I hit all the areas I wanted to hit; speed, trail, recovery. As for weights, things went really well. Two full workouts this week with barbell rows, and decline pushups added in, both sessions were great. Also I got out rock climbing with my wife on Friday night which was a huge plus, it was my first time leading (lead climbing) in well over a year.  Hockey was better this week than the past two and for that I’m pretty happy, it was getting really frustrating.

My diet was spot on during the week, but as soon as I hit the weekend everything went to hell. Didn’t drink nearly enough water, very little fruit, and I drank WAY too much Sat. night and Sunday. Weekends are my Achilles heel!

Awesome week for guitar. Most of the sessions haven’t been long, but quality while I’ve been doing it. I think I’ve finalized a song I’ve been writing. I’m ready to record it and send it off to my bass player for his input My next push will be to polish up a specific list of cover tunes so I’ll have something ready when folks want to sit down and jam.

I hit all my weekly goals for the fitness and life portions, and diet was pretty good, but it felt like I was skidding into the station in a burning heap by the end of it.  Sunday I was so exhausted that I took the only free time I had and passed out for an hour instead of putting in another run.  My life is jam packed with family commitments right now that it often feels like I’m barely holding it all together.  This past weekend was: 2 kids birthday parties, 2 Halloween parties, 2 hockey practices, 1 visit from my folks, 1 visit from an out of town friend, pumpkin carving x 2, meal prep. & clean up, garbage duty, etc. etc….I’m not bragging or complaining, this is just the way things are in my universe right now and I’m doing my best to fit everything in.

I stumbled Sunday and Monday with all the Halloween distractions but it’s time to get back on track and rock this challenge!

Have a good one kids!


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