Week 3 Progress Report

This will be a quick report for two reasons: 1.) My behaviour this week was awful (Bad Dog, BAD!!), 2.) I have a race report coming for Special K’s half marathon debut.

So, without further delay, here’s the craptastic news:

After I pulled up my boots last Tuesday, I did alright hitting my fitness goals.  I was 1 run short on my tally, however I held off on a Saturday’s run to prepare for Sunday’s half marathon.  It was either hit the goal, or prep for the race.  Since I had made the commitment way before this challenge came along I don’t feel too bad about my choice.  I missed a workout Monday night with Halloween and all, so I was a weight session short this week as well.  Another Friday night climbing session with the wife was an awesome addition, but again no swimming this week (another good trade-off).

My diet goals were almost non-existent this week.  My water consumption was ok, but my alcohol consumption was daily so I’m probably on the down side of things here.

I don’t think I played my guitar once this week.  It seemed like every time I planned to do it, something else came up.  Truth be told, I probably didn’t make the effort.

As you can tell I’m working my way out of a small hole right now in “7 Week Challenge” land.  I was concerned this might happen after having such a good week 2 as I tend to compensate good behaviour with self-destruction on a regular basis.  Regardless, this wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy, so it’s time to buck up chum, cheerio and all that.

Have a good one kids, stay tuned for the Road2Hope half marathon report coming soon!


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