Road2Hope 2011 Recap

I’m please to announce that I managed to keep my runner somewhat alive and somewhat healthy at Sunday’s Road2Hope half marathon!

Sorry for the delay on the race report folks.  I’ve been trying to find the best way to talk about Sunday’s race, and despite my vast wit and charisma I’ve decided to keep it simple.  So here goes:

After Special K’s ITB issues on our last “long” run before the race, we agreed that the plan should to run as conservatively as possible; take walk breaks every 10 minutes, and hold on as long as possible before taking evasive action.  Since his goal was simply to finish we didn’t have the pressure of hitting any specific time goals/paces/etc.

Ignore the elevation line on there, I'm not sure why it's like that...

Looking at the KM split paces it seems like we were very close to the speeds we had agreed on.  The first 8km were really good, the walk breaks seemed to be working well, but by 9km SK’s ITB was starting to bark.  The pace dived and the walk breaks became longer.

SK stretched it out a few times when it got really bad, but from 13km onwards we were slowing considerably.  At the 18km point SK winced hard, apologized and we walked a significant portion of the last 4km.  Having been in his position before I had a pretty good handle on just what he was dealing with, and despite him insisting that I leave him for dead we managed to truck on to the finish line without killing each other.  With 400m left an enthusiastic fan managed to get SK moving again and off we ran, around the final corner and down the finishing chute.  I pulled back to give him his moment in the sun (and a good finisher’s photo), and crossed the line well behind my personal best but ultimately feeling better than I ever have post race.

After some eats, and some terrible watered-down dill/cabbage soupish abomination, we discussed what how the race had played out with SK’s wife.  When asked, SK admitted that perhaps some training might be in order for next year’s race.  I raised my eyebrow and slyly replied “next year?…definitely”.


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