Progress Report – Week 6

Progress Report - Week 6

I took the start of the week off to rest/rehab my back and rotator cuff which hurt my numbers this week (no pun intended), but they are acceptable losses all things considered.  I probably could have/should have done more this weekend, but it simply didn’t happen. I did manage to get out rock climbing this week though and the RC/back felt pretty good throughout the night; anytime I felt any pain or awkwardness I stopped what I was doing and took it easy.  Score!

No additional races added to my schedule yet, and I’m finding this goal pretty hard to complete as I’m not really sure what I’m going to want to do at this time next year.  To overcome this obstacle I’m going to have to set 3-4 key races as goals and then signup closer to race day contingent on training time/injury etc.

All areas were up this week, much better with the water intake especially. One thing I should note; the booze goal was simply to curb my alcohol intake not annihilate it. I don’t need to drink like a frat boy and my consumption during this challenge has definitely ebbed, but it’s still something to keep my eye on.

Only one day of playing guitar this week.  One thing I noticed this week though, I’m not having fun with it. I really enjoy playing with friends, and if I don’t practice I won’t be able to do it in the first place but playing on my own is becoming less and less enjoyable.  In the future, I’ll either have to find some mojo or move onto something else. Maybe it’s time to break out my Strat and crank it up?

This is the last week of my 7-week Challenge, and I think I’ve set some good practices in motion.  I’ll probably continue pursuing this after the official 7 Week window is closed, but since you are probably sick of reading about (I’m not sure how you could get sick of it though) I’ll move on to more interesting subject matter…I’m sure it’s out there…somewhere…Anyway, there’s still a lot of work to do, so I’d better get on it.

Have a good one kids!


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