Progress Report – Week 7

Fitness: Overall was pretty good, but I came up short on the running part ironically. I missed one run due to weather, and the other I swapped for an hour long skate with my son which was a worthwhile trade. Weight workouts were good, in fact I put in 3 sets of hotel room pushups while away from home on Sunday night.

Extended Fitness Goals: I decided on a local Half Marathon in February, and a local trail race in April for 2012. Considering we haven’t even looked at our vacation schedule for next year, and most races haven’t even opened for sign up yet, I feel this is a good compromise.

Diet: I nailed the diet portion of the challenge this week. The only blips were a few beers while watching the hockey game at home and another one at home on Sunday. The volume was low so that’s a plus.

Life goals: I had a really good 45 minute session of guitar practice mid-week, unfortunately there wasn’t much more than that. I did whip out the electric guitar which really helped keep the playing fun.

Challenge summary coming soon!


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