7 Week Challenge Wrapup

So…are you sick of hearing my weekly updates yet?  Well fear not faithful reader, this is the final installment of my Nerd Fitness 7 (6) Week Challenge updates.  Yes, my “journey to a better me” has has come to it’s public halt.  As I’ve said previously, a lot of these things will be adopted into my day-to-day life, but for your sanity I’ll finally stop bringing it up.  Happy?  Good…let’s get started.  (I’ve calculated the mean value and posted it behind the goal in red, then discussion will follow)

Fitness Goals:
1.) Run Training 3-4 times a week; speedwork, recovery, long run (mostly trails) – 2.57x
2.) Strength Training 2-3 times a week; chinups, pullups, pushups, deadlifts, and squats. Lat pulldowns, barbell rows, planks, bench press and overhead press optional. – 1.57x

Welp, I didn’t achieve my times per week for either of these areas but it was close…there’s something about horseshoes and hand grenades that goes in here.  I did have some unavoidable setbacks in this area in terms of injury (wrenched my back and a probable rotator cuff tear) in weeks 4-5, but had I been on the high side of my goal workouts per week to begin with I could have eaten the loss overall.   Pluses from this section:  I’m definitely getting stronger, especially in my lowback/glutes/hamstring.  I’ve really noticed it playing hockey this year, I’m not nearly as tired as I was in the past, and I’m not getting knocked over by a gentle breeze anymore so two thumbs up.

 Long-Term Fitness Goals:

3.) Hockey once a week, rock climbing & lap swimming when I can – A
4.) Set goal race schedule for 2012 – A
5.) Pace my neighbour in his first(last?) Half Marathon – A+

This would have been A+s all around had I not had to miss two weeks rock climbing (1 due to injury, 1 due to solo parenting all weekend).  Also, I only gave myself an A for the Race schedule because I didn’t plan the whole year.  It’s just not practical to do so unless you have a MAJOR race that you simply HAVE to get to.  I don’t and I’m good with that.  I did plant 3 races on the calendar and we’ll see what looks good once summer rolls around.  The half marathon pace job went off without a hitch, and I even convinced Special K to run it again next year.

Diet Goals:
1.) No more booze at home, and limited booze outside (events, and meals out only). i.e. – stop drinking like a fratboy – 4.14x

2.) Eat an apple a day. My diet is pretty good, but I take one to work everyday and manage to ignore it. – 5.2x

3.) More water! – 4.28x

This portion of the challenge was hard. I accomplished my goals but the progress was very up & down.   I managed to decrease my alcohol intake (specifically at home), eat more fruit, and drink more water but the successes usually came in spurts.  When I was good, I was good.  When I was bad, I was really bad.  Pluses for this portion:  I started some good trends and have been continuing them since the end of the challenge, even when away from home for a few days for work.

Life Goals:
1.) Focused guitar playing; writing, practicing specific songs, and playing drills. No more wasted time on aimless noodling! –1.57x

 Heh, I’m not really sure how to classify this one…when I managed to sit down with the guitar I was productive, however I would have liked to play more.  I think I misjudged how much free time I have to play each night…Technically I achieved the goal so…


Fitness:  B-/C+ (just like high school)
Long-Term Fitness Goals: A/A+
Diet: B
Life: B

Questions? Comments? Rude Innuendo?  Salacious Rumours?  Sarcastic Compliments?

Have a good one kids…


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  1. I think you did/are doing really well. Especially considering the injury 🙂 and reading your DM makes me wish I was playing hockey again.

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