My Christmas Gift to You

Morning all. Feeling the pressure of the holidays creeping up on you yet? If so, or if you just feel like letting loose for a bit, here’s my gift to you, ENJOY!

Bowie’s performance of the song on Top of the Pops, was broadcast on the 4th of January 1973. The four-piece band performed live. The tape was somehow erased, but a copy was made by BBC cameraman John Henshall, who had utilized new fisheye lens camera techniques for the performance. The film has since been preserved for posterity and was shown at the British Film Institute this December. In fact, the BBC re-broadcast the clip in its Top of the Pops 2 Christmas Special this week, for the first time since the original broadcast in January 1973.

** Stolen Borrowed from Jeff Woods over at Explore Music – I love his radio/podcasts, if you love classic rock give them a look

Have a good one kids, keep it fun out there!


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