Woo Hoo, I’m a Weiner!

Last week Donald at Running & Rambling ran a contest for a free pair of RUEZ Boxers, but this was no ordinary contest.  Unlike some blogs where you simply leave a comment or link to your facebook/twitter feed R&R decided to be cheeky.  Since RUEZ Boxers & Briefs are designed to keep a man’s junk warm in blustery winter winds the contest was for readers to submit creative names for your wang/twig & berries/Johnson.  Low and behold, after I submitted the offering of “tallywacker”, I received an email telling me that I had won a pair of RUEZ underroos.

And since no bog post is complete without a picture, here’s one for you:

Not My Junk...

A quick thanks to Running and Rambling and Ruez for the contest, and now that we’re actually getting some winter weather I may be able to use the prize!  Check out Donald’s review of Ruez’s undergarments here.

Have a good one kids!

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