Three Things Thursday

Hi everybody!  I stole this idea from Morgan over at Caution Redhead Running, and also Marlene @ Mission to A(nother) Marathon, and  I’m not sure if they usually follow a theme for the 3 Things, or if it’s just a quick an easy way to update all you wonderfully loyal readers with 3 random pieces of info, but I’m going to choose the latter.  Here Goes:

1.) Cardiac Stress Test Results – My Dr.’s office called (of course it would be the receptionist who called and not the Dr. who I had extra questions for) with the results of my test.  I’ve been told everything is perfectly normal and I can go on training as per usual (AWESOME).  Unfortunately, that means that we still don’t know why I’m having chest pains.  When I called the Dr. back to clarify “where we go from here” the receptionist could only tell me that my test was normal and if I wanted to book an appointment to discuss the results with the Dr. I was welcome to (NOT AWESOME).  After some additional questions she couldn’t answer, she said my test results were fine, but I should come back if the “symptoms persisted” (NOT AWESOME).  So essentially “keep an eye on it” is the course of action at this point.

2.)  Weights – I posted a tonne about the 6 Week Challenge I did in Nov.-Dec. so I won’t go into great detail about my workouts lately, but I will say this:  I HURT!  Not in a bad way, just enough to make me waddle a bit when I walk, but the benefits are pretty clear. I noticed a significant decrease in my fatigue, lower back pain, and a overall increase in my speed/endurance at hockey specifically.  I really hope this translates to late race core stability because in the past I’m sure I’ve come across that finish line looking like the number 7.  Head up – Shoulders back!

3.)  Training Plan – I think I’ve finally got my run plan dialled-in for this training session.  Over the past 2 weeks I’m been trying to become accustomed to the higher work load than previous plans, as well as figure out what works, and what doesn’t.   e.g. – 10km before playing hockey: DOESN’T WORK, 6km beforehand seems tolerable.  10km on my wife’s night out: DOESN’T WORK, etc. etc.  I’ve moved some workouts, switched others and downgraded others, but over all things finally seem to be chugging along.  So Far – So Good

That’s it for me, peace out kids, have a good one!


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