Catch Up?

Every once and a while I stumble in life, and especially in this blogging thing. Occasionally, I’ll be surfing along and suddenly realize that I have posted anything on here in days, of course it’s usually right in the middle of some major work crisis and I’m unable to remedy the situation. That happened last week, shit hit the fan with one of our major projects and I was in full-on damage control mode…which didn’t really help because during my efforts I found even more issues (ever feel like you are just continually spinning your wheels?), since then my motivation has been almost non-existent. Monday I skipped my workout, and last night at school (night class) I can’t say I was exactly engaged. Things are getting back on track but it’s still going to take some time.

I’ve been getting all/most of my running workouts in but not much more. The regular/easy runs have been really good, but the long runs have been suffering a bit with weather and timing issues. This past weekend winter finally decided to show up which put a damper on the higher intensity portion scheduled in my long run (10km easy, 4km half-marathon pace, 2km cooldown). I simply couldn’t get my feet moving that fast without the risk of serious injury, not to mention I had to cut the run short due to a few commitments, which forced me to split the run into a 10km during the day and another 7 that night; sure, I got the distance in, but I’m pretty sure the point of a long run is to have a long continuous effort. I really shouldn’t complain about the weather we’ve had this year, it’s been superb from a running standpoint, but the snow/ice seem to culminate on the weekends which is long-run time. Guess I’ll just have to keep plugging away and hope for a reprieve.

In blog news, there are a few posts in the cue that I have to finish up, but they should be up soon. For now, here are a couple fun pics to tide you over:

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  1. I completely understand what you mean! It’s like everything plans to happen at the same moment, leaving you not only physically but mentally exhausted. Hope things calm down for ya soon!
    This winter has been a weird one! We’ve had nothing all winter long, then all of a sudden mid February is when it decides it wants to make an appearance! ha
    That story is so touching and inspiring! Thanks for sharing it!

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