Race Schedule Frustrations

You may remember my post Plans for 2012 (or maybe not, what am I a mind reader?) where I listed a few races that I was thinking about running this year? Well…it’s only mid-February and already my list has experienced a few…“setbacks”.

So far this year:

Grimsby Half Marathon – Due to the unfortunate passing of the race director (Jerry Friesen) in Nov. 2011, the Grimsby Half Marathon was cancelled for 2012.  At least at this point, the Peachbud 10km and Twenty Valley Half Marathon still seem to be a go, but I was hoping to use the Grimsby race as a tune-up for March’s Around the Bay 30km.

Rattlesnake Point 5 Peaks Race –  I have some extended family commitments that we were trying to schedule, and apparently the only weekend we can fit everyone in is the same weekend as the Rattelsnake Point race.  If it was a local meeup, I’m sure I could sneak away for a bit but unfortunately it’s out-of-town.  Perfect…good thing I hadn’t signed up yet…



The Limberlost Challenge – When I found out that I wasn’t going be able to run Rattlesnake, I started fishing around for another trail race to punish myself with.  In my search I came across The Limberlost Challenge.  The race has multiple distance options, and the fantastic scenery typical of Ontario cottage-country.   Since we were planning a vacation near (kinda…no, not really) the race location I was intrigued; “Would my string of race disappointment continue or would Lady Luck shine on me?”.  In the end, Murphy’s Law prevailed and the timelines didn’t match up.  No race for you!

Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race – A good friend of mine has signed up for this race and he’s looking for others to join in his pain.  As soon as I heard the format (40km mountain bike, 15km trail run, 16km kayak, 20km mountain bike, 5.5km trail run) I was sold.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the Bruce peninsula rock climbing, and (some) mountain biking so I have a pretty good idea what the terrain will be like; rough, tough…awesome!  Despite my excitement I won’t be able to race this event because I’m on solo parent duty that weekend…(sigh).

Ultimately, I don’t NEED to race to enjoy myself but I’ve found that if I don’t have a clear goal in mind my mileage takes a nose dive.  Less mileage = loss of fitness = less enjoyment on the run because it hurts.  Go figure, being in shape makes exercise easier and more fun, who’da thought?  Regardless, I was hoping to do some really cool events this year, and it’s a bit disappointing when things don’t work out.  Maybe it’s time to get a new hobby?….nah….

Have a great weekend kids


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  1. I agree..nah! Stick with it, I’m sure you can find some fun races on dates you can do!!!
    Did you take that picture?! That one is so cool!

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