Valley Inn Road – The Dreaded Hill

I just found (via some blog stalking) a nice write up/description of one of the “Character” portions in Sunday’s Around the Bay 30km (I should be getting paid for how much linking I’m doing to/for this damn race).  The ATB is known for the hill section which starts about 2/3’s of the way into the race, and culminates in one long slogfest.  It’s not just the height/length that’s daunting either, it’s the fact there are turns in the road just where you think you are finally done with the climbing only to be greeted by another long, hard ascent section as you crawl out of the valley.

I stole Paul’s picture

Paul gives a pretty apt description of the hill, and has some good photo/video to show just how much of a kick-in-the-pants this infamous hill is.

Check it out here!

Have a good one kids, Race Goals are being posted tomorrow!


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  1. I’ve run the last leg – it sucks. My advice – walk the last hill, you’ll make it up faster than the people running 🙂

    • NEVER!! The key is to put your head down and keep your feet moving. Don’t look up, don’t look for the top, it’ll only frustrate you, but if you keep you head down and work through it it’ll be over before you know it. 😉

  2. Thank you for the link. It’s my pleasure to share this info

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