CBC’s – The Perfect Runner

I’ve seen this posted a  few blogs so far, and I didn’t want to be left out so I thought I’d link it here as well.

CBC’s The Nature of Things recently aired an episode on the history of human running.  Much like the book Born to Run, the episode explore human evolution and running’s place in our development as a species.

Episode Description from The Nature of Things site:

How did our ancestors survive the shift from trees to land?  How did Homo sapiens evolve to dominate the planet?  How did our ancestors hunt before they developed weapons?

The answer, you’ll be amazed to learn, is that humans became nature’s perfect endurance runners.  With a skill that evolved far earlier than the development of our powerful brains, our African ancestors had the ability to outrun all animals around them, allowing them to endure and ultimately thrive.

From Africa’s Great Rift Valley to the highlands of Ethiopia, from the most remote place in Arctic Siberia to one of the world’s toughest ultra marathons in the Canadian Rockies, anthropologist and host Niobe Thompson takes us on a journey that weaves cutting-edge science with gripping adventure, and asks what today’s runners can learn from our evolutionary past.

I’ve watched the first 1/4 so far, and it looks just as good as all the reviews have said.  If you are interested, click it here to watch the episode online:


Have a good one kids!


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  1. Wow this looks interesting! I’m gonna have to check this out! Thanks for sharing the link!
    Glad to hear the race went so well! And good luck winning those shoes! 🙂 That’d be a great win!!!

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