Post Race Hangover…

Have you ever had a solid low-grade hangover?  Not a brain crusher, or stomach emptier, one that leaves you feeling drained, moody, cranky, and mildly lost?  It’s been a while (crosses fingers) since I’ve had one but unfortunately it happens all too often in other parts o f my life.

  • Post-vacation blues – the two weeks after you get back from vacation where you constantly end up thinking of all the fabulous places you could be/wondrous things you could be doing  at that moment instead of being chained to your desk.
  •  Post-graduation hangover – I’ve finally graduated!…now what do I do with myself?
  • And now Post-Race Training Uncertainty – Rest week + tired week + slack week = Holy Crap it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve done a serious run!

OK, OK, It hasn’t been THAT bad but I definitely haven’t been as motivated as I could since running the Around the Bay a week and a half ago…actually, my training plan called for 50km this past week and I only managed to put in 13.5…maybe things are getting bad?

Part of the issue has been the “other” facets of my life intervening, but realistically that’s a pretty flimsy excuse.   The Rattlesnake Point trail race is quietly sneaking up on me, and I should really be preparing more for it.  Fear is a great motivator, guess it’s time to use it and get moving again?  The miles I have put in have been great though, mostly trail runs one in my VFF Komodos, and a hard tempo effort at the start of this week should serve me well on race day.  Anyway, it’s time to get back onto the training schedule and rock this thing!

Have a great Easter weekend kids, remember: Those warm Easter chocolates the Bunny leaves without the foil on them…might not be what you think they are 😉


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  1. hahaha now nervous to eat any Easter chocolates! ha
    Hope you get your groove back soon! We all have those slumps in our lives, just gotta get the energy and motivation to get out of it! 🙂
    Hope you have a great Easter weekend as well!!!

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