Red River Gorge Rock Climbing – Spring 2012

Running gets a lot of coverage on this blog.  I don’t talk about climbing a lot, but it’s mostly due to access, let me explain:  I started climbing over 10 years ago, and instantly became obsessed.  I climbed 4-5 days a week, indoor, outdoor, bouldering, sport, traditional, I read about it on the web, constantly searched out climbing pics, planned trips, drooled over gear catalogues…I was the tireless junky pining for that next hit.  As time rolled on, I settled down (somewhat), started a family and climbing faded from my life.  Between “free time” being less and less accessible and injuries popping up, months would go by without me so much as throwing my shoes in the car.

Fast forward a few years and things have settled down, and I find myself able to fit things in a little easier.  I knew that the ol’ climbing crew was heading to Kentucky this Easter weekend and I bit at the chance to get back out on the rock.  My training for this trip was rather lack-luster but I enjoyed myself all the same and I think it’s time to make climbing a regular part of my routine again.

I’ve attached the photos from our trip in a slideshow at the bottom, but this photo was my favourite:  The route is called Amarillo Sunset (11.d), and it’s located just beside the Shire (crag) in the Red River Gorge.

Amarillo Sunset

Anyway, here are the rest of the trip photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Life’s about experience kids, get out there and start living!


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  1. Great photos 🙂 looks incredible. I’ve never been rock climbing… upper body strength but now that’s I’m buff 😉 maybe!

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