So how have you been?  As I’ve alluded to over the past couple of posts, July has been a bit of a gong show, nothing major has happened but AGAIN I find myself trying to find some motivation and direction.  My vacation was good, I managed to keep active throughout the week with trail runs, bike rides, kayaking, swimming and lots of walking, but by the end of the week I was simply exhausted.  The week after that was filled with catch-up tasks from our week away and in conjunction with the summer (hell-on-earth) temps, my training took a significant hit.  Once it cooled a bit I was able to get back out on the trails which felt awesome.

Shortly after I tried to do some speed work one day at lunch, and by mid afternoon the nagging pain in my left hamstring told me that I had pulled it.  As an aside, I’m really starting to notice my need for a significant warm-up before workouts lately.  I used to be able to simply crank out my run as soon as I was out the door, but now it takes me a full kilometer to get into the groove.  Jumping right into 100m sprints simply to save time leads to injury kids, write that down, that is gold.  You’d think that after hurting my back deadlifting without a warmup I’d have gotten the message…apparently not.  Dumbass

Long story short, since then I’ve fallen off the wagon.  Once injured I packed up the tent and went home, and looking back it’s kind of embarrassing how easily I gave up but it’s in the past and all we can do is learn from it or ignore it.  On that note, I’ve started back running again and hoping to remember what I’ve been taught by experience.

Have a great weekend kids

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  1. Geez, getting old really sucks! LOL Hopefully you’ll learn from your mistakes and be back at it soon enough.

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