What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted in earnest, but really what’re a few months between friends?
Here’s a short synopsis of what’s happened over the past few months:

• I ran the Road2Hope Half Marathon in November of 2012, promised you guys a race report…aaaaaaaandthatdidn’thappen… mostly because the rest of November was filled with post-race blues, low motivation, and a general malaise
• Late November and all of December were spent fighting some nasty virus that nearly obliterated our Christmas this year, and caused quite a few absences from family celebrations etc.
• January, I finally kicked the bug and started training for the Around the Bay road race; there was much speed work, but motivation was still lacking at times and I missed more long runs than I’d like to admit (wait…did I just admit it?)
• After the ATB I signed up for the Bruce Peninsula Multi-Sport Race, and have been “training” for that ever since. I say ”training” because after a few weeks of putting in 7-9 workouts a week I blew up and took most of June off (there were a few other issues that popped up in June but over-training was the biggest cause of my meltdown)
o The BPMR is a 5 stage adventure race that consists of a 40km mountain bike ride, 16km technical trail run, 16km kayak in Georgian Bay, 20km bike section, and finally a 5km trail run into the finish. Sound daunting? It’s downright pant-shittingly terrifying
• July wasn’t too bad, I started riding my bike a lot more and throwing in brick workouts whenever possible, lunchtime trail runs even a couple small kayak workouts (I think I’ve done 3 total over the past 4 months which is more than a bit frightening…foreshadowing anyone? )

So here we are, 2 days from race day and I’m feeling…busy. I’ve only ever done a destination running races, and for that I stayed in a hotel so a lot of the amenities were covered. For the BPMR racers are required to bring equipment for 3 sports, first aid gear, extra shirts, food/fuel etc. and that doesn’t even include the camping equipment etc. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind bringing the equipment, it’s just been unusual to be packing for multiple days and still only be half done. Knowing my luck I’ll forget my toothbrush and be stuck using my finger and gum all weekend (kidding…kinda). Here’s a quick pic from last night’s equipment “assembly”.

(clock-wise)Run pack on the left-bottom, required gear to go in run pack (first aid, extra shirt, whistle, etc.) trail shoes, and back up trail shoes, misc. gear including bike lock/leatherman/bandana/etc., transition bags at the top (green and red), life-jacket beside those, bike pack far right, bike shorts, Emergency (space) blankets, food/gels/chews in a ziplock bag, extra ziplocks, sunscreen, Gear for bike bag, (not pictured) rain jackets, camera, transition foods, water bottles; and finally, as Ford Prefect said: “If you want to survive out here, you’ve got to know where your towel is”

Anyway, things are…good? I’m paranoid about race day, but by next week I’ll be wondering what all the fuss was about (in all honesty I’d prefer to be over-prepared rather than under-prepared). At the very least I get to spend some time with old friends, and get away for a weekend, I’ll just have to keep reminding myself to “relax and enjoy the moment”.

Before I sign off, I guess I should post some goals. For this race I’m aiming for goal D but it’s always good to have something to shoot for in case the stars align and you feel like a million bucks. Here goes:

• A.) 7:45hr or under
• B.) 8:00hr or under
• C.) Finish standing upright
• D.) Not pooping myself (Thanks Claire)
• E.) Injury-free

As you can see, not terribly ambitious but realistic. I want to do well, I hope to do well, but this amount of effort scares the living bejeebus out of me. Again, I have to walk the line between having fun and being competitive; it would seriously suck to pay all this money, train, put in the effort of packing/traveling etc. and end up having a terrible time. If things go bad, I’m going to do my utmost to roll with it.

Let’s do this thing!


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