Although this blog has been around for a while, it’s focus has been varied, and occasionally confusing…OK, more than occasionally… Regardless as things evolve here, there has seemed to be a dominant theme running (heh) through everything:

I enjoy running.  I never thought I would, I never thought I COULD, but I do and that’s what this blog is mainly about; Half/Marathon Training, Trail Runs, Equipment, Races, Injuries (so many injuries), Training Plans, Fun Runs, etc.

Now for the astute kids in the class, you might have noticed that I wrote “…and that’s what this blog is mainly about”; I like to do a lot of things (commitment issues?), and those topics find their way onto the blog periodically.  Be prepared to be subjected to my love of Rock Climbing, Photography (Rock Climbing Photography?), and Music because you’ll find them here.

Overall, I try to entertain but in the end I’m sure it will be a veritable pastiche of mind altering “content” so buckle your seat belts….or at least grab a bucket.  Good luck, bring your hip-waders….

Questions?  Suggestions?  Rude Innuendo?  Leave ‘em in the Comments section below.

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