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Photo Post

Took my family to a Hamilton Bulldogs game last night and snapped this from behind the net.  Great value for the price, especially when the home team wins, 4-3! Again, click the image to get an uncompressed view.
Bulldogs Goal!

Progress Report – Week 5


Frustrating week last week!  I was able to put in two decent runs, but while doing some pushups Thursday night I re-injured my rotator cuff.  On top of that, while playing hockey that night I somehow wrenched my lower back (SI joint area) and have been unable to do much exercise since.  It makes it a little difficult to hit weekly work out goals when you can barely bend over.  After a few easy hockey practices with the kids my back loosened up quite a bit, but even now I have stiffness when leaning/bending in certain directions.

I’m going to try an easy run tonight, but I won’t be doing pushups or shoulder related exercises for a while. Weight workouts will be focused on injury prevention, but limited by pain indicators.

As for the longer-term fitness goals, I decided on & signed up for the 2012 running of the Around the Bay 30km.  This will be my 3rd running of the race, and I’m feeling pretty good about it…in fact I’m leaning towards actually racing this one!  I’ve got a decent plan from an online coach, I’ve been maintaining a decent base and the speed work I’ve been doing has shown some really positive paybacks.

More goal race planning to come in another post.


As for diet it pretty much mirrored last week…AGAIN!


Played some, but again, not a lot.


2 weeks left, I really need to pull up my socks, Any suggestions?

Have a good one kids!

Time for Playoffs…

Beat up Friends