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My Experiements With Chia

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not always the most experimental with my diet (I eat fairly healthy, not always, but overall not too bad….at least all the food groups are represented 😉 ), but after reading Chris McDougall’s Born to Run, and the hearing the seemingly endless virtues of Chia I decided that maybe I could give these little black seeds a try  (sure Chris talks about salad for breakfast and penole as well, but that’s just crazy talk).

I found a bulk food store which carried Chia, and since buying a bag of seeds about a month ago, I’ve been steadily experimenting with just how to consume them in the more effective, yet tastiest, manner.  First things first, when you add Chia to water the seeds absorb the water and expand into theses weird fuzzy-aura-floating-blob looking things.  Honestly, after being left to sit for a bit you end up with a glass of what looks like cavier mixed with slime.



Black Caviar

Black Caviar


I’d like to say how wonderful and refreshing the taste is at this point, but I’d be lying.  In this state the mixture is pretty flavourless and this is where recipes come in handy.  After some online research I’ve come across several sites that outline the basic Chia Fresca, as well as other possible concoctions.

Unfortunately, I learn best by crashing hard face first on the floor most of the time, and in typical fashion I started adding the little black seeds to water/juice/drink crystals/etc. whenever I could.  Ultimately, I’m looking for something that will maximize Chia’s fluid holding properties with something that tastes great, without being super-laden with sugar.

A few quick notes:

o         Mixing 1cup of seeds into 1L of water makes a gel that could rival Asics’ insole pockets

o         Applejuice was a mediocre mixing agent.  It’s healthy but the taste is a bit wacky.

o         Crystal Light juice crystals work well to keep the calories down, and do add some decent flavour.

The experiments will continue, and I’ll let you know if I come across anything exciting but I’m not holding my breath…I really doubt Chia mixed into beer will taste all that great.